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Yes, We Do Travel!

Yes, We Do Travel!

As a result of our string ensembles’ unique repertoire and distinct sound, YES, we do travel. We often perform at events in Savannah, Georgia, up to Myrtle Beach, and West to mountain weddings and surprise mountain house parties around Asheville, North Carolina. We’ve even done weddings as far north as the Jersey Shore.

We stay plenty busy performing Charleston area Weddings and Events, but our musicians certainly like to get out of town on occasion. We won’t necessarily be more expensive than musicians more local to your venue. Sometimes we need to add a travel fee to make the trip worthwhile. Other times, we may already be traveling to an event close by. So if you like what you hear, just remember, it never hurts to ask!

Feel free to read up on Tips for Booking Musicians and discover more of what makes our ensembles stand out from the rest.

When comparing us to local ensembles in your area, keep in mind that we don’t all sound alike. Compare things like the variety of music being offered, the quality of an ensemble’s sound, and the responsiveness of your contact. These should all matter to you.

We want your business. More importantly though, we want to be part of something memorable! For many of our Musicians, seeing new places and meeting new people is all part of the excitement.

Yes, We Do Travel!

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