Avoiding Ordinary Wedding Musicians

Our Helpful Tips:

All string ensembles are not alike. In fact, there can be quite a big difference between them. Because of a booming wedding and event industry in Charleston, less polished musicians, more often than not, charge similar rates to those of professional ensembles. A website with many reviews may not always be a beacon of quality. It may simply show how popular and in-demand musicians are for outdoor Charleston weddings. You should be picky!

Be careful not to fall for what appears to be a slight amount of savings. In reality, you could be overpaying by hiring an inexperienced ensemble that’s charging a professional rate. An ensemble lacking experience, or less-skilled musicians, can lead to a performance that does more harm than good. Musicians who play with professional orchestras, and for local concerts, are hired based on their reputation for consistency and quality performance.

Remember, there are no Do-Overs at a wedding, so vetting your musicians is very important. Ask around, especially to the vendors you’ve already secured, as they likely see local musicians in action every weekend. Ask for music samples, to hear quality of sound and diversity of music played. In making the right choice, you can sit back and relax. You and your guests should be in for a real treat!

How Do our Premium Artists Stand Out?

To start, our Charleston Entertainment musicians are all concert-quality performers. ‘Performer’ is the pivotal word here, and our string artists are all Classically Trained Musicians with degrees in performance. Our lead violinist is violin faculty at the College of Charleston, and our string musicians help to make up the Charleston Symphony, whereas our jazz artists make up and perform with the Charleston Jazz Orchestra. All of our solo musicians and small ensembles are professional-grade, whether you want a string quartet or a custom jazz band.

If you’re still comparing our musicians to other groups or options, hear some of our String Recordings right now. It doesn’t take a trained ear to hear a difference, and we want to know what you think, and which tunes you love!

The following blog post should also be helpful in coming to a decision. Hiring Live Musicians: What’s to Know?

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Andrew Mille
Andrew Mille

Andrew is a classically trained cellist and manages Charleston Entertainment. He is a South Carolina native of Franco/American heritage, married to Arlene Marie Felipe. When not performing and coordinating events, Andrew also runs Charleston Social F.C., a pickup soccer club that plays daily.