Sound Tech / Microphones

Ceremony Audio

While often overlooked, it’s incredibly important to ensure that your wedding guests can hear what’s being said, especially considering how many Charleston wedding ceremonies are outdoors. We’ve got you covered!

Believe it or not, ceremony mic-ing is very often done incorrectly, becoming a service that does more harm than good. Please leave your ceremony microphones and amplification to a professional. It will be one less thing for you to worry about.

What to Expect

Our standard rate for ceremony audio includes a premium wireless lapel mic that an event speaker, or wedding officiant can simply clip on. We also provide an optional wireless handheld mic for any readers. Our sound tech will be onsite well in advance of the ceremony and will be using a setup designed with both your guests, and your photographer in mind. The visual component is just as important as the need for amplification.

Our goal, for any sound equipment, is to leave the smallest footprint possible — No extension cords running out to the speaker, or unsightly soundboard tables. The ceremony is the centerpiece of your day. Both your guests and photographers will appreciate the forethought. For more details on our setup, timeframes and specific equipment and rates, talk to us. Our goal is to make each and every service we offer as seamless as possible.

Need Help Planning Your Event?

Our local and traveling artists span many musical genres. Let’s chat about your upcoming event together, and determine which act fits best.