COVID-19: Planning Ahead

Book Future Wedding Vendors Sooner Rather than Later!

Due to the virus, we’ve had to reschedule events since March 2020.  We’ve done everything to make these rescheduled dates a reality for our clients, and many have moved to dates later this year and plenty to 2021, a whole year from now.  With this in mind, our musician availability from this Fall into 2021 will certainly be affected.  This is even more reason to have a discussion about music sooner, rather than later.  We’re a full-time music agency, one that is comprised of Charleston’s top artists, and we definitely want to be part of your big day!

Schedule a call with us, get to know us, and ask questions!

Don’t hesitate to ask for a scheduled phone call. We have invaluable knowledge that we can share with you, and solutions that our existing clients have put in place to cope with Covid-related issues. Let’s have a relaxed conversation about the various music options, and discuss your wedding in detail.

Reserving Our Musicians

We recognize that cash flow has become an issue for some of our potential clients, and we still want you to be able to reserve us early. We typically ask for 50% down to hold a date, but will happily work out smaller installments, if needed.

Budget Planning: Book small, UPGRADE Later.

You may be worried about budget constraints due to the effects of the virus to your bottom line.  We understand this and still want you to be able to reserve quality music for your wedding.  So why not book small with the possibility of upgrading later?

COVID-19:  Planning Ahead
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Andrew Mille
Andrew Mille

Andrew is a classically trained cellist and manages Charleston Entertainment. He is a South Carolina native of Franco/American heritage, married to Arlene Marie Felipe. When not performing and coordinating events, Andrew also runs Charleston Social F.C., a pickup soccer club that plays daily.