Music by Ethos

Musical Performances designed to be noticed.  Taking root from our extremely versatile String Quartet, your imagination is our muse.  Our artists are selected for their concert level experience, and willingness to experiment and create unique, new musical experiences.  Our String Quartet performs everything from traditional classical repertoire, to a set of swinging-jazz, to modern pop à la Bridgerton, and the possibilities don’t end there.  Ethos ensembles, customized to include a pianist or even a DJ, are just the tip of the iceberg.  Additional staging elements begin with themed costumes, lighting, and a dedicated sound team.  Our artists may be found performing in concert with the Atlanta, Charlotte and Charleston Symphonies, and for concert organizations worldwide.  Expect the musical skill of top classical artists, mixed with a plethora of genres and instrumental combinations that keep everyone guessing.  Music by Ethos is the spirit of the moment, unforgettable ones.

Ethos’ musical director is Franco American cellist Andrew Mille, artistic direction coming from Arlene Felipe.

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Our local and traveling artists span many musical genres. Let’s chat about your upcoming event together, and determine which act fits best.
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