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Whether you’re planning an intimate wedding or a large corporate event, it’s not a party without the music. Live music is our specialty, as well as taking the guesswork out of hiring quality DJs. Below you’ll find popular ensembles and soloists that we source for our clients and top event planners.

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Classical Charleston

With a focus on quality artists and repertoire, Classical Charleston provides the most sought after string ensembles in the Charleston area, in addition to various other classically trained musicians available for hire.

Our string duos, trios and quartets perform everything from Canon in D and Mozart, to jazz and pop covers of Led Zeppelin to Bruno Mars and Billie Eilish. Custom arrangements are possible as well, and yes, we do take music requests! We would go crazy if repertoire never changed, so our music list is always growing.

Do hear the unique sound and variety of our ensembles for yourself. We offer 100+ Strings Recordings. Have fun, and don’t forget to share the page with family and friends! If everyone doesn’t get super excited about the music we play, then we’re doing something wrong. We’re pretty sure you’re in for a treat.

A list of our most popular string ensembles:

  • Violin and Cello String Duo
  • String Trio – typically violin, viola and cello
  • String Quartet
  • Guitar and Cello Duo
  • Guitar and Violin Duo
  • Various Soloist options, and special requests too

In addition to strings, you may also add complimentary instruments, such as trumpet, to highlight a wedding ceremony entrance, or have bagpipes welcoming guests upon arrival. Another popular addition is having a classical vocalist sing a couple selections a cappella (just voice), sometimes with string accompaniment, as well.

Wedding Trumpet, Sax, and Second Lines (New Orleans – style)

Live Music
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As mentioned above, a favorite option for adding some bright contrast to wedding ceremonies is the trumpet. The trumpet is great because it can be paired with strings and is used to heighten/accentuate certain moments, such as the bride’s entrance and/or the recessional (exit). We also typically have the trumpet play along with strings for a selection or two at the end of the prelude, just prior to the ceremony.

Saxophone is another option that can be fun for just after the ceremony and to walk guests from the ceremony site to the cocktail hour or reception.

And last, but not least – A Second Line, is an extremely fun option trending now. It’s a brass and percussion ensemble that can, for example, walk guests from a downtown church to the nearby reception venue. Think New Orleans, not to mention the really cool photo op along the way!

Jazz Combos & Small Bands

Whether we assemble a custom group of jazz musicians, or put you in contact with an already established ensemble, you’ll be in the best of hands. Charleston Entertainment has provided weekly jazz ensembles for top 4 and 5 star restaurants, and hotels for quite some time now. Our focus remains on service and quality artists, and we assemble instrumental ensembles, as well as vocal-led jazz combos.

Have a favorite instrument or two? If so, we can customize an ensemble to best fit the vibe you have in mind. Most requested instruments include, jazz guitar, keys, drums, saxophone, bass, and trumpet. We offer guitar and bass duets all the way up to full bands ranging from five or more artists.

Solo Piano

Live Music

Have a piano available onsite? — And want a fabulous pianist to play it for your get-together, wedding, or dinner? If so, we have just the pianist to create the atmosphere you have in mind. Our soloists can perform classical, jazz, and even modern pop covers. The optimal performer will be selected, based on your preference of musical genre. Some of our pianists specialize in more than one genre, and can provide more of an eclectic mix. Should a piano not be readily available at your event venue, providing a piano is something we can assist with.

Wedding Ceremony Vocalists

Our classically trained vocalists are simply incredible. Should you choose to have a solo sung at the end of the prelude, and/or perhaps during the wedding ceremony itself, your guests will appreciate hearing the human voice a cappella, a unique and memorable experience.

Our soloists look to create a moment of reflection, to slow things down a bit and have everyone appreciate where they are and what’s being celebrated. Having a singer of the utmost quality is essential, as it is with choosing any soloist.


Whether welcoming guests just outside a venue, playing wedding ceremony processional entrances, the recessional (exit), or escorting everyone from a wedding ceremony to the cocktail hour, the bagpipes are a traditional choice that add a truly unique flavor to any event.

Guitar & Cello Duet

Live Music

This guitar and cello duo books up fast due to its unique instrumentation. The cello is plenty used to supplying the foundation or bass line of an ensemble, but with this guitar duet, there’s the opportunity to hear the cello carry the melody.

This ensemble can perform classical standards as well as jazz covers and current pop, too. Listen for the rich sound and romantic flavor that this duet conveys so well. Recorded samples are available upon request.

Gospel Singers

Whether it’s a welcoming serenade, or leading guests from a wedding ceremony to the reception; there’s a unique and beautiful experience to be had, hearing local gospel singers in Charleston, SC.


Ideal for indoor venues, the harp brings an ethereal, classical ambience to any wedding ceremony. The harp requires special considerations, and we would be happy to discuss the possibilities together.

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